Data Guardian

Data Guardian 6.0

Store passwords and other information securely in an encrypted database

Nowadays most people have a lot of IDs and passwords for e-mails, and different websites. And storing, managing and sharing all the data is a common problem. Here is where Data Guardian can help you a lot. This powerful application lets you store all your personal IDs, passwords and other information in a very secure way.

Within its easy-to-use interface, you will be able to add new records and personalize the kind of record you want to save. Besides, there are several preset records that you can use, for instance, enter a license code, contacts, and even recipes. You can customize each field in order to create a new kind of record for your convenience and save it as a new preset record.

Another good feature is that you can secure your database with a password using Blowfish encryption (up to 448-bit key strength). So it means that a master password will be required to open the database. But make sure to remember that password because if you lose it, you will literally never be able to recover the data.

To sum up, if you are looking for a powerful and simple password manager, then Data Guardian could be a good option to try.

Important: The trial version will be functional only for 15 days.

Daniel Mantilla
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